Why men cheat and lie

Why men cheat and lieWith a all male panel we entered a discussion about the reasons men cheat and lie to their partners. This conversation took a lot of twist and turns so your going to have to pay close attention.

Part 1 Facts about cheating

topic title There are many factors that can lead to cheating, we explore some of the key factors that make people justify cheating.


Part 2 Guys opinions of women

topic title Guys opinions of women? How can a guys opinion of women change how he feels about cheating?


Part 3 Temptations

topic title In this day and age temptation is all around us, how do people react to temptations?


Part 4 Lying to get what you want

topic title Why is it so easy for some men to lie to get what they want?

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Part 5 Emotional cheating and more

topic title Cheating is not just physical, emotional cheating can lead to the same results sometimes wores.


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