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Part 1 Why go back

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Part 1 Why go back

Part 1 Why go back Why do we even consider going back in the first place what is the thought process that makes us want to go back.


Part 2 They put up with me

Part 2 They put up with me Sometimes we go back because we don’t think that anyone will but up with all of our crap


Part 3 Pros and cons

Part 3 Pros and cons Ok so your really considering going back, lets weigh the pros and cons of going back.


Part 4 Time heals

Part 4 Time heals Is it easier to go back when a long period of time has passed?


Part 5 Sexual comfort

Part 5 Sexual comfort Sex is a binding agent and it is often the reason that we stay in a relationship so it makes since that it would also make people want to go back to an ex. When you add fetishes and hidden pleasures to the mix the feeling is even stronger.


Part 6 Family

Part 6 Family We often fall in love with are partners family which means going back gets the family back.


Part 7 For the money

Part 7 For the money Stability is often hard to come by alone, money drives many people back into the arms of the person they know they shouldn't be with.


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